Landscaping For Tree Planting

When considering tree planting for your yard, think long and hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re planting in your back yard or your front yard; you’ll want to do it right, and you’ll want to get your desired result in the first year.

tree planting

One of the main things you’ll want to consider is whether your seedling species of trees will be receiving full sunlight. If they will, then it will be beneficial to plant them in full sun; otherwise, take care of watering them. You will want to avoid overly deep watering; just keep the soil moist enough to help with root growth, and watch out for heavy, dark dead spots. Some tips for plant gardeners:

Find all the optimal locations. Trees love to be at the tip of the tallest bud or growing at the lowest points in your planting plot. If they can get some of that sunlight, they’ll grow fast. Depending on your climate, if your trees are at the base of a hill, and the sun is directly overhead, they may not take well to transplanting.

Think about your planting location as far as the weather is concerned. If your seeds are transplanted on warm days or on cold days, your trees may not be happy with the position of the planting spot. Be sure to read your local ordinances and find out what they say for your state or county; sometimes it’s a good idea to read all the rules. Also, plants in wet areas tend to have shorter, flatter root systems, which makes it a good idea to dig up a big dry hole, if you’re transplanting in one of those areas.

There are many options when it comes to tree planting. When you have any trees, but especially if they’re taller, you may want to give them two years of out of a row, meaning they’ll be planted next to each other in two rows. The difference in life expectancy between planting in the middle of two rows and planting in the middle of one row and one pillar, for example, is not worth it. You can, however, add a more shallow pillar to the middle of the two rows, so that the tree is more likely to survive longer.

How about creating a border between two trees? There are even trees that can go to the top of a wall or fence; that is a perfect opportunity to grow trees. If you’re planting in the wall, make sure to cut off the main stem of the tree, so that roots can grow to the main trunk.

If you want to make certain your planting will be an attractive, functional addition to your yard, then think about the timing of when you plant. There are many types of trees that will do well in either the warm or cool seasons, so planting them during the early spring or fall will be the best. Plants that will survive just about any conditions will also do well.