Marathon Tree Service

Tree service climberA full-service tree company that offers various tree care services, Marathon Tree Service is the best at what we do, and we will be happy to prove it to you. Our certified arborists can provide you with an efficient and safe tree service even if the situation is challenging, such as your tree being close to a power line or your home. We have more than enough years in the business that makes us knowledgeable in every aspect of tree service. We provide satisfaction to our valued clients, and we always prioritize safety in every project we do.

We carefully plan our job. We start the process by assessing the tree and the surrounding area to ensure that we can complete it fast and safe. Once we hear from you, one of our representatives will come to your house or company to know your needs. We can offer you a competitive price quote, so you don’t need to worry about the high cost of service. Before doing the tree removal or other tree services, we make sure that we have surveyed the area for any utility, septic or irrigation system that we need to consider to do the tree service you require safely. You can trust that you will be protected when you use our service because we are licensed and registered in every city we render our service. Our priority is to offer you the service that you can trust.

Our professional crews will do the job expertly, and you will feel safe as they begin the tree work. We only hire the most qualified arborists and tree experts to provide you with service that is fast and reliable. You can be confident that you are protected because of our license and insurance coverage. While we work in your property, you can relax and wait for us to finish knowing that we can do it correctly and that your home or business is protected from any damage.

We use only the best equipment to ensure quality service to our clients. Regardless of your needs, our team of experts can provide you with them most efficiently and safely. If you want a tree service company that can expertly handle your needs, look no more because we can offer it to you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Tree Services

We have a wide variety of tree services that can cater to your every tree need. If there is a tree service that you need that is not mentioned on our website, you can always call us so we can discuss it to you.

We provide you with detailed information about our services on our websites, particularly in their service page found in the menu bar.

Tree Removals, Lot and Land Clearing

Tree removal serviceTree removal is a very challenging job. It is a type of situation that no amateur should do because of the risks involved. If you need a company to handle that unsafe tree in your yard, call us immediately, and we will remove it for you. Tree removal is our premier service, and most of our clients hire us for this service knowing that they can trust us. We don’t just use any approach in removing trees, but we carefully plan everything to make sure no damage will be done to your property. We can assure you that we will leave your property when every single dirt and tree debris has been cleared. We will assure you that once we are done, you will be satisfied with the expert tree service we provided. Give us a call for your free estimate in tree removal!

Tree Pruning and Proper Routine Maintenance

Tree pruning and routine maintenance can go a long way in keeping the health and beauty of your tree. Our certified arborists can restore the health and appearance of your tree with their knowledge in pruning. We can eliminate decayed and limbs or branches to ensure that your tree is safe and healthy. When we are done with the process, your tree will be free from infestation, and it can restore its health and beauty. You will see the difference when we are done. Call now for a free estimate on tree pruning!

Debris Removal and Hauling

We will take care of every little waste and debris caused by tree removal or trimming services from our team. We use hydraulic dump equipment to handle this type of job for you efficiently. Every debris, brush, limbs or logs, will be taken care of by our team. Also, if you did some DIY tree removal and other tree services, you can call us to handle the debris for you.

Storm Damage and Storm Preparation

Tree storm damage servicesSafety should always come first. If you worry that a tree can potentially cause danger to your home and family, it should be handled by a tree expert. We can trim or remove a tree that is unhealthy or has overgrown to ensure that you are safe from harm. Besides, if you need help from storm damage, we are more than capable of providing an immediate emergency response to help you clean up the storm damage. Our team is well trained for this, so you can be confident that it will be done correctly.

Arborist Services and Specialty Tree Care

Every tree health service should begin with an assessment. Our certified arborists can provide you with a report on the unique needs of your tree and tree maintenance can start from there. Our professional arborists know what your tree needs to thrive and that is what we hope to give you. Let us help you maintain your trees with the help of our arborists who will evaluate the health and appearance of your tree. From there, we can begin our tree service in your property.

Stump Removal

After a tree removal service, you will be left with a tree stump. Tree stumps are both not attractive and safe, so most of our clients prefer them to be removed. Aside from being unsightly, they can also cause children to trip over, or they host multitudes of pests and insects. We can remove this stump for you after the tree removal process. We want you to know your options when it comes to this service we offer so give us a call today for a free stump removal estimate.